Dear Friends,
We are at the end of the month of July, and in the liturgy this Sunday we celebrate the 17th Sunday in the Ordinary Time. 

“Today’s reading gives us the third Sunday in a row where we hear from Mat­thew’s chapter on parables. Seven parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew appear in chapter 13. The setting is in the house, where Jesus continues to teach his disciples using this rhetorical device, often explaining the allegorical mean­ing to them… The reading begins with two parables: the treasure buried in the field, and the pearl of great price. Each is a side of the coin so to speak, with Jesus instructing his disciples that the kingdom of heaven is worth such a price. In other words, once one encounters the kingdom of heaven, a proper response is to reprioritize all else in favor of this. It is worth selling everything else to possess this one thing. The longer gospel reading gives one more parable, but it has another point. Rather than reinforce the lesson of the first two parables, the third – the net cast into the sea which brings in a terrific catch – has another message. The net is returned with good fish, but also with things that are not so good. The latter is thrown away. This then becomes the image for the eschatological judgment, a topic that St. Matthew addresses quite often. At the judgment, some will be not merely cast aside or “thrown away,” but the angels will throw the wicked into the “fiery furnace.” As we saw last week, this is a favorite Matthean theme… Matthew is sure to tell us there will be a final, definitive judgment and an unfortunate end is possible based on the decisions we have made.” (Living Liturgy 2020)

As we gather for the celebration of Mass this Sunday, please remember that when we arrive at the church, we must now wear a facemask at all times (exceptions are those who have some medical condition preventing them from wearing a mask) and also sanitize our hands upon in the lobby of the church at one of the dispensers provided. Please follow the instructions of our ushers as you are directed to the pews. As our numbers are increasing, please be aware that you might be seated in the Chapel Hall or even the Great Hall if need be.

For all those who cannot attend Sunday Mass, we will livestream the 9am Sunday Mass with the Rosary prayed at 8:30am. You can use the link below to go directly to the livestream on Sunday morning.

This Sunday will be the final virtual Children’s liturgy for the summer. The video for it will become live on our YouTube channel at 11:00am. A big thank-you to the team of volunteers who have been making these videos for the children of our parish each week for the past several months.

Also please note that the registration deadline for virtual Bible Camp was moved to this Friday, July 24.

God bless!
Fr. Mariusz