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About Saint Francis Xavier Parish

St. Francis was born in Pamplona, Spain on April 7, 1506. His family was wealthy and noble. Francis studied at the University of Paris where he was greatly influenced by another student, St. Ignatius of Loyola. Ignatius later founded the Society of Jesus of which Francis became one of the first seven members in 1534. In 1537, the year he was ordained, Francis became the first secretary of the Society of Jesus. Francis began his missionary work in Goa, in southern India, and Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka). Francis Xavier is credited with having converted tens of thousands to Christianity while preaching in this area.

Francis received information from a Japanese exile that encouraged him to introduce Christianity to the Japanese people. He set sail for Japan and arrived in Kagoshima in 1549. There, Francis studied the Japanese language for a year and preached in many of the cities. By 1551, when he left Japan, he had established a vigorous Christian community.

Francis returned to Goa and convinced the authorities there to accept his plan to introduce Christianity to China. No foreigners were allowed in China at that time. Francis again set sail and landed on the island of Shangchwan, near Macan, in August 1552. He died there on December 3rd, after several attempts to reach mainland China.  Francis Xavier was only 46. His body was taken back to Goa, where it is enshrined in the Church of the Good Jesus.

St. Francis Xavier is said to have accomplished many miracles. He founded many churches and colleges and wrote many detailed letters describing his work. He was an extremely humble and prayerful man.  St. Francis Xavier was a man of remarkable energy and organizational ability. He is one of the greatest missionaries of all times. Canonized in 1622, he is patron of missionaries and many school and parishes are named after him. St. Francis Xavier was declared the Patron of the Orient in 1748, Patron of the Faith in 1904, and Patron of All Missions in 1927. Navigators also honour him as their patron.

Let us thank God for sending us St. Francis Xavier and rejoice with him on his feast day, December 3rd.

Prayer of St. Francis Xavier

Your life was a gift of love, and your missionary work has inspired us on our journey. We greatly rejoice in the gifts that the Lord has blessed us with in this life. We ask through your intercession, that we might also spread the Good News of Jesus and that we might do kind acts of service and charity to others in their need. St. Francis Xavier, we ask you to keep us in your prayers so that we might continue your work for the glory of God. We ask this through Christ Our Lord.  Amen.

Mission Statement

We are a large and diverse Catholic faith community, established in Stoney Creek now for many decades, worshiping the Lord with gratitude of heart and striving always to serve Christ in others.

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