Dear Children and Families,

We are so looking forward to seeing you over the next few weeks for the celebrations of your First Reconciliation and First Communion! 

For those families who have chosen not to have their children participate in the sacraments this fall, please disregard this message.

We would like to provide you with a few more resources at this time which we strongly encourage you to make use of with your children to help them and yourselves to prepare.

– Instructions for our Celebrations at St. Francis Xavier:
– Virtual Church Tour:

A step-by-step Confession guide and Examination of Conscience for Children
Virtual church tour worksheet (This can be submitted for the chance to win a prize! More details are in the Virtual Church Tour video.)
Preparing for First Confession (brief document with tips for parents from the Diocese)
Preparing for First Communion (brief document with tips for parents from the Diocese) 
Reconciliation word search  
First Communion colouring page

In addition to the information covered in the “Instructions for our Celebrations” video, here are just a few more things you’re asked to remember when coming to the church:
– masks must be worn upon entrance to the church and kept on until you leave (with the exception of when you are receiving Communion)
– please keep cell phones and other electronic devices turned off
– please do not bring any food or drinks into the church with you
– please do not chew gum in the church
– please remove hats upon entrance to the building
– we ask for your co-operation in refraining from taking photos and videos during the First Communion Masses. Once the Masses have ended, please feel free to go outside to take photos/videos while maintaining social distance from those from other households.
– please remember that our parish needs financial support in order to continue to operate. You’re invited to make a contribution if you are able. During this time of pandemic there is no collection during Mass, but a collection basket is provided by the side exit at the end of all Masses. 

As we are still awaiting responses from some families regarding their participation over the next few weeks, a final email will be sent to the families from each school on the Monday of the week of their school’s celebrations to confirm at that time how many family members will be able to accompany each child who will be attending.

For those from Our Lady of Peace School, you will be notified this coming Thursday, September 10.

Please do not hesitate to contact our youth minister or myself with any questions. Our contact information is provided once again below.

Wes Moga (Youth Minister)
905-662-8593 ext. 6

Fr. Mariusz
905-662-8593 ext. 4

May God bless you and your families during this exciting time in the faith journey of your children!

Fr. Mariusz and the Parish Team