Christmas Season Mass Schedule 2021

Please click here to view the full schedule of Masses for the Christmas season, as well as instructions for how to register for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses.

Season of Creation – This Week’s Initiative

The Season of Creation concludes on Monday, October 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. Our final initiative this week is to CELEBRATE! Do something that allows you to enjoy the awesome gift this is our Earth – go for a hike, get yourself some autumn flowers, listen to birds singing outside your […]

Season of Creation 2021

Amid crises that have shaken our world, the global Christian family was awakened to the urgent need to heal our relationships with creation and with each other during the ecumenical Season of Creation. During the 2021 Season of Creation, from 1st September through 4th October, thousands of Christians on six continents get together for a […]

Upcoming Online Gatherings

We’ve resumed online gatherings on Zoom to help parishioners stay connected during this time when our regular ministries and programs can not take place in person! Here’s what’s coming up: Tuesday, September 28: COFFEE WITH THE CLERGYTime: 7:00-8:00pmHost: Fr. Ross CampbellDescription: Fr. Ross will tell us a little bit about himself and his life and […]

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, June 20 at St. Francis Xavier Parish

Dear Friends, As we continue into the second half of the month of June and celebrate the Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time, I would like to provide you with a reflection that can help us to enter into our Sunday readings: “Mark is writing his gospel for a community suffering persecution, Christians who feared that any […]

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, June 13 at St. Francis Xavier Parish

Dear Friends, We have been back in the liturgical season of Ordinary Time since we concluded the season of Easter, but the past two Sundays we celebrated important Solemnities that constitute the core of our Christian faith. This Sunday we are back, so to say, on the regular schedule as we celebrate the 11th Sunday in […]

Corpus Christi Sunday, June 6 at St. Francis Xavier Parish

Dear Friends, This Sunday we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, also known to us under the Latin term Corpus Christi. As we find ourselves in a moment of history when most of us cannot receive the Blessed Sacrament because of the pandemic restrictions in place upon gatherings, we […]

Holy Trinity Sunday, May 30 at St. Francis Xavier Parish

Dear Friends, Right after the conclusion of the Easter Season we are invited to contemplate and celebrate the most important mystery of our faith – the Holy Trinity, God who reveals Himself to us as a unity of three Persons. “Ronald Rolheiser has written: “The most pernicious heresies that block us from properly knowing God […]

Pentecost Sunday, May 23 at St. Francis Xavier Parish

Dear Friends, This Sunday we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost, reminding ourselves that Christ did not leave us alone after ascending to heaven, but continues to remain with His Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. At the same time this Sunday brings to a conclusion the season of Easter for 2021. “The gospel […]

The Ascension of the Lord, May 16 at St. Francis Xavier Parish

Dear Friends, We have only one week left until the end of the Easter season. This Sunday, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord as we read the Gospel passage in which Christ commissions his disciples to “go into all the world…” “In their different ways, all the gospel writers want […]