You and your spouse are cordially invited to join us for our council’s Fraternal Benefit’s Night at:
June 18, 2020 – 7PM to 8:15PM in Zoom:

Our events are typically well-attended, and seating is limited, so please guarantee your space now by RSVP.

Come learn how the Knights of Columbus can protect your family financially!

How we Protect Catholic Families and Businesses:

• Creating Guaranteed Income for Life

• RRSP, TFSA and GIC alternative Rollover Management – Guarantees offered with NO FEES

• Invest with your Catholic moral sand beliefs in mind – We follow the CCCB Investment guidelines

• Maximizing Trust & Special Needs Trust

• Discover your market risk comfort& create a portfolio that works best for you

• Ways to position your assets to help minimize taxes, fees, and losses and max your income

• Creating Tax Efficient Strategies for Preserving Your Nest Egg

• Discussion on developing your plan to spend the most while alive and still leave a lasting legacy

People Don’t Plan to Fail, they Fail to Plan

About Our Presenter: Matthew Cox

Join us to see how we can help you!
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