As we prepare to re-open our church this week, I would like to request that all parishioners who are considering coming to the church for Mass please review the letter from Bishop Crosby that was shared earlier this week that you can access in the News tab on this site.

Below is a summary of how things will work specifically at our parish.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

1. Parishioners will enter through the main entrance of the church (Highway 8) unless you have issues with mobility, in which case there will be an usher at the side entrance to let you in.

2. An usher will lead you to your designated seat, which will be marked with blue tape. Those who arrive first will be seated closest to the front, and those coming later will fill in the pews behind from front to back. Therefore you will not be able to choose your own seat.

3. There will be 2 people/pew, unless a family from the same household is attending in which case they can have a maximum of 5-6 people from that household sharing a pew.

4. If the available seats in the pews become filled, those without seats in the church will be led to seats in the parish centre where they can view the Mass on our closed-circuit tv.

5. The two candle rooms, the two Crying Rooms, the library, and the two balconies will be closed for the time being. The sacristy is open only to the priests, sacristans, and musicians. The choir loft balcony is open only to musicians. Please also refrain from touching any of the statues, crosses, pictures, etc.

6. The washroom nearest to the Narthex will be open, but please use it only if absolutely necessary. This washroom will be sanitized after each Mass, along with the pews that were in use.

7. All hymnals, pamphlets, etc. have been temporarily removed from the church to minimize the amount of contact areas. The musicians will do their best to select hymns that the congregation is familiar with. Please be sure to take any missals, etc. that you bring from home back with you after Mass.

8. You are strongly encouraged to wear a mask throughout the entire Mass, except for when you are about to receive Holy Communion. Please be sure to make use of the hand sanitizer that is provided at each entrance on your way into the building.

9. Communion will be distributed to one side of the church at a time to enable everyone to maintain social distancing. Further directions will be given during Mass.

10. There will a simplified procession at the beginning and end of Mass to and from the sacristy, and there will be no procession for the presentation of the Gifts.

11. At the conclusion of Mass, you will be directed to exit row by row by our ushers. Please be sure to leave the exits clear and to keep the necessary social distance between yourself and anyone else you may be conversing with outside the building.

For those who choose not to return just yet or who are unable to return at this time, we will continue to livestream one of the Lord’s Day Masses each weekend on the parish YouTube channel. As of Tuesday, June 16, we will stop livestreaming daily Mass as we will need to be devoting much attention to our reopening procedures. We will continue to livestream the prayers at 3:00pm.

I ask for your patience and compassion for all parish staff and volunteers who will be assisting as we begin to implement these new measures, which are there for everyone’s safety. It may take a little while for all of us to get used to this new normal and work out any unforeseen issues that may arise. Your consideration will be very much appreciated.  

Thank-you for taking the time to review this information. I look forward to being able to gather in person with our community once again.

Fr. Mariusz