This Sunday is the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time as we have entered the second half of the month of July.

“The shorter gospel reading today is about the weeds and the wheat, whereas the longer reading includes other parables. The parable of the weeds and the wheat occurs only in Matthew. No other gospel includes this parable, causing scholars to wonder whether Matthew had ac­cess to a special source…

The good sower expects a harvest of wheat but is unaware that his enemy cast weeds into the field. The precise term for the weed is “darnel,” which is a plant that looks like wheat. Darnel is sometimes called “false wheat.” Rather than uproot the darnel, a process that would harm the wheat, both are allowed to grow together. In the end there will be a sorting, and the darnel is destined for the fire. Such an apocalyptic image requires little imagination. This is hardly the sort of parable whose meaning is difficult to discern. Instead, we see clearly that the followers of Jesus, the “church” (Matthew is the only gospel to use that term), is a field of wheat and weeds, the good and the bad. The church does not play God and determine who will be uprooted. Instead, uprooting is God’s role and he will perform it… in the end. For anyone whose life is bound up in the church (or any institution composed of human beings), today’s gospel rings true. There are weeds in the church in every time and place. But it is not our role to uproot. At harvest time God will separate the weeds from the wheat. Our role is simply to produce for the harvest.” (Living Liturgy 2020)

Mass brings us together this Sunday (and every day) to be nourished by the words of Christ and to be strengthened by His Body and Blood which we receive into ourselves to aid us in fulfilling our daily tasks and responsibilities. Our Lord’s Day Masses will be celebrated at 5:30PM on Saturday and at 9:00AM and 11:00AM on Sunday.

We ask you to please wear a face mask for your own wellbeing as well as for those whom you meet in the church building.

For those parishioners who cannot be with us at this time, we will livestream the 9:00AM Mass on our YouTube channel. As always, before this Mass we will say the Rosary (which will be livestreamed too) at 8:30AM. Please click on the picture below.

God bless.
Fr. Mariusz