Dear friends,

The image of a yoke is often lost on us in our modern culture: It’s that wooden crosspiece that harnesses oxen and other beasts of burden and keeps them together as they plough a field or haul goods. In today’s Gospel, it is the central image Jesus uses to invite us into union with Him.  “Just as Jesus offers many parables to help his disciples understand the mystery of the kingdom of God, it seems he also gives us different images of what it means to be a disciple. As with the parables, no one image can completely capture and express what Jesus is trying to relate, but each contains truth.” (Living Liturgy 2020)

As we prepare to gather for Mass on the 14thSunday in Ordinary Time, please know that as we are now in the summer months, the 4:00pm Mass is now suspended until September as it is every year.

The parish’s Children’s Liturgy team is continuing to create a weekly video to help children to better understand and engage with the Sunday readings. A new video premieres on our YouTube channel each Sunday morning at 11:00am and then is available to watch at any time. I would like to ask if you could invite any children who you think would enjoy the videos to tune in to watch and participate. All are welcome! 

And I wish to invite all of you to join us this weekend for the Lord’s Day Masses celebrated in our church, keeping in mind the social distancing rules. Anyone who cannot be with us in person at this time can participate in the Mass on our YouTube channel at 9:00am, beginning with the Rosary at 8:30AM. To access the live-steam please click on the picture below.
Fr. Mariusz