THINKfast is our parish’s annual social justice event for youth, which aims to help participants learn more about a particular issue facing the world’s poor and what we can do to make a difference from here in Canada. This year’s theme is “Stand for the Land”. Around the world, many communities are having to defend their lands from the negative effects of activities like large-scale farming and the removal of natural resources. These people are often threatened, treated as criminals, or even killed when they stand up to protect their lands, their jobs, and their lives.

Through a variety of activities like games, videos, prayer, and crafts, we’ll explore their struggles and how we might help their efforts to protect their territories and keep them thriving for present and future generations.

We’ll also spend 24 hours fasting from solid foods as a reminder of those who are in need around the world. (Lots of drink breaks are included!) The whole thing finishes off with a pizza party to break the fast.

Age Group: Grade 5 and up
Drop-off: 6:00pm on Friday, February 24
Pick-up: 7:15pm on Saturday, February 25
Location: Parish Centre (behind the main church building)
Cost: $25 (Students in Grades 8 and up who would like to take part as leaders will have a reduced registration fee.)
Registration deadline: Monday, February 20

Click here to view or download the registration package!

Hope to see you at THINKfast!