THINKfast is a sleepover at that takes place at the church, where participants explore a particular social justice issue. They also spend 24 hours fasting from solid foods as a reminder of those who are in need around the world. This year’s focus is climate change and the importance of the Amazon Rainforest. We’ll explore the special role the Amazon plays for the health of the Earth and all its creatures, as well as the injustices being suffered by those peoples who live within the Amazon as the forest is exploited for profit.

Lots of fun and interactive activities are included, such as games, simulation activities, prayer, crafts, and group discussions. Come out for a fun and faith-filled experience and learn more about this important issue and how you can help make a difference!

Age Group: Grade 5 and up

Dates: Friday, February 28 (6:00pm) – Saturday, February 29 (7:15pm)

Cost to participate: $20

Registration deadline: Monday, February 24

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