Weekly Rosary on Zoom & Celebrating Mary during October!

In our Catholic faith, October is the month of the Rosary and is one of the months in our liturgical year when we give special honour and devotion to Mary! To mark this month, the Rosary will be prayed live on Zoom once a week at 7:00pm (Oct 4, Oct 12, Oct 17, and Oct 28). Contact our youth minister Wes at wmoga@hamiltondiocese.com if you would like to participate on any of those dates!

If you’re looking for other ideas for fun, meaningful, and interactive ways that you can celebrate Mary during this month, check out the links below!

How to Pray the Rosary colouring page
Make your own Rosary!
The Mysteries of the Rosary

One way to grow in relationship with Mary is by pondering her presence in Scripture. While she does not say much, what she says (and does) is powerful. Below is a simple Marian lectio divina. Some passages will be familiar, as they are also mysteries of the Rosary.
After reading a Bible verse, consider what it means to you. What can you learn from Mary? How can you emulate her words and actions in your own life?
– The Annunciation: Luke 1:26-38
– The Visitation: Luke 1:39-56
– The Nativity of Our Lord: Luke 2:1-20
– The Presentation: Luke 2:22-38|
– The Losing and Finding Jesus in the Temple: Luke 2:41-52
– The Wedding at Cana: John 2: 1-12
– The Crucifixion: John 19:26-27
– The Early Church: Acts 1:14

If you do not have one already, begin shopping for a beautiful statue or image of the Blessed Mother. Once you find one that you like, display it prominently in your home.
During May (the month of Mary) and October (the month of the Rosary), it is customary to create a special place in your home to honor Our Lady. A Mary altar can be simple but beautiful atop a fireplace mantle or bookshelf. During these months, take time to pray here, adding special Marian prayers to your repertoire.
How to Make a Mary Altar

Mary gardens have been part of Catholic culture for a long time. They can be elaborate or simple, depending on your gardening skills. A Mary garden includes specific flowers named after Our Lady. Typically, a Mary garden also includes a statue of her. If you do not have a yard, create a Mary garden by planting flowers in large pots. Then, simply tuck a small statue or holy card of Our Blessed Mother among the flowers.
Here are some traditional Marian flowers:Bleeding Heart: Mary’s Heart
– Daffodil: Mary’s Star
– Ferns: Mary’s Hair
– Geraniums: Lady Beautiful
– Hostas: Assumption Lily
– Impatiens: Mother’s Love
– Marigold: Mary’s Gold
– Pansies: Our Lady’s Delight
– Tulips: Mary’s Prayer

Songs to Mary, Holy Mother of God (lyric video)

(Headings and blurbs from: https://blessedisshe.net/blog/honoring-mary-homes/)

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