Saturday Morning Basketball

This takes place in Fall/Winter in the Saint Francis Xavier School gym. It is a program to help youngsters develop skills and good sportsmanship. Also provides leadership training to teens who work with the younger children.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society

A Christ-centred community whose goal is to always see the face of Christ in the poor in our midst. Provides food and other support to local needy households, together with other kinds of charitable work aimed at relieving the suffering of the poor.

Saint Michael the Archangel Festival

This is an annual three-day Mission and celebration hosted by our parish at the beginning of May, honouring Saint Michael and providing an opportunity for those of Italian heritage to celebrate common bonds of faith and culture.

Retreats and Pilgrimages

Many opportunities are available every year for travel to shrines and other places of pilgrimage, here and abroad. The ladies named here can help keep you aware of what sort of pilgrimage might assist your devotion and spiritual growth.

Public School Religious Education

Children who do not attend Catholic schools, or are in need of catch-up instruction for the sacraments, are assisted (through correspondence courses and occasional meetings) to learn our faith and prepare to celebrate the sacraments.

Prayer Intentions Network Ministry

This is a ministry of quiet prayer for people’s needs. Prayer intentions are taken from the boxes at the church entrances, from calls to the Rectory Office, or from requests to the Group Leader, and distributed through email or by telephone to Prayer Network members, who pray on their own time for the various needs. […]

Parish Council

Our Parish Council is a group of representative parishioners who meet monthly, together with the parish staff, to gather and share information about the needs of the parish community, and to develop and help implement a shared vision for the parish’s pastoral growth and Christ-like outreach to others.

New Evangelization Promotion Group

Responding to the call of recent Popes, our parish is striving to find ways to build the most welcoming community we can, to develop the spirit of outreach in a people renewed in appreciation of their Catholic faith, and to draw back those who are distanced from the Church. Many ideas and strategies are being […]

Good Shepherd Centres Volunteering

There are many opportunities to volunteer in assisting the poor and disadvantaged at the Good Shepherd, especially with the meal programmes.

Funeral Luncheons

If the Parish Hall is available, families can use it for a reception after a Funeral Mass at our Parish. Someone from the family should visit the Parish Office to pick up an application form for the Use of the Parish Hall. Depending on the number of people expected, you can use the Great Hall […]